OOVIRT was established in early 2017 by leading social entrepreneurs Michael Leeland and Richard Meiklejohn. Through previously working with numerous businesses and listening to the pain points faced by their customers and staff, they had uncovered a clear pattern where accessibility information and customer experience were being overlooked.

Their research showed that there was a huge market opportunity by simply providing transparent and accurate data on how to access a location. They decided to make use of their marketing and surveying skills to develop innovative virtual tours that would help promote a destination and provide a transparent guide for customers and visitors.
They engaged with leading accessibility charities and grew their team to take on a digital UX graduate who is also full-time wheel chair user. Their deep understanding of the challenges faced has allowed them to create unique VR experiences. The virtual tours provide an immersive marketing tool for businesses and allows customers to plan their journey with confidence.
In late 2017, the team successfully applied and pitched to be part of the first Elevator UK Business Accelerator Programme in Dundee. Thanks to the continued support from Elevator UK and their accelerator partners, the company is steadily growing and taking on leading global brands as clients.

The OOVIRT team’s passion for digital technology has allowed them to produce some of the most striking virtual tours available today. Find out more by exploring our site or get in touch to chat about how we could help promote your destination.

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