Why is accessibility important?

Being fully accessible means all users can make use of your products and services, giving you more customers to connect with.

“There are over 13 million disabled people in the UK and UK businesses are missing out on £1.8 billion of lost revenue each month by ignoring the needs of disabled customers.” Extra Cost Commission


A recent survey by the accessibility charity, Euan’s Guide, found that:

– 95% of respondents said they try to find access information prior to visiting a venue
– 67% agreed that provision of information is a way in which venues can improve their accessibility
– 73% had a bad experience due to inaccurate or misleading information

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What is an accessible virtual tour?

Imagine being a customer with accessibility anxieties, or a carer for such a person. This could be an elderly person, a parent with a child/children or anyone with visible or non-visible disabilities. As much as pictures and text can describe and show certain elements of a location, it is still quite difficult to fully immerse yourself in that location without being there. This can lead to uncertainty in a customer visiting your business, or reservations whether to proceed with a booking or purchase.

An accessible virtual tour is designed to bridge this gap so your customer can familiarise themselves with your surroundings in a transparent manner. Your customer can look around your business as if they were actually there and find all the key accessibility information, giving them the confidence to visit your business or make a booking/purchase online.

The provision of information has long been highlighted as an area where businesses can improve accessibility. An accessible virtual tour aims to improve this issue by consolidating visual and textual access information in one, easy-to-naviagte, central location. In addition to the visual experience your customer can benefit from, a virtual tour can highlight all the potential accessibility issues that a customer may face. Each 360-degree photo can include further details on;

  • sizes
  • measurements
  • angle of slopes
  • number of steps
  • member of staff to speak to regarding certain issues
  • contact and travel to information
  • process for assisting persons with disabilities e.g. At an intercom, press 3 times to indicate you have hearing difficulties
  • accessibility facilities
  • or where any other potential issue may arise

The virtual tour combined with accessibility information is a bespoke service for each individual business. It is highly customisable to suit the needs of your business. It can offer great comfort for anyone who has hesitations to visit your business either in person or online.

“The spending power of families with at least one disabled person is estimated by the Government to be over £200 billion a year.” Department for Work & Pensions

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