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The OOVIRT team are experienced surveyors who will conduct a site audit of your location to capture the essential access information being sought by customers. This information will be collated as a report which can used to provide valuable content for your website or can be incorporated into a bespoke brochure that is available for customers to download.

The information can also be incorporated into a virtual tour to provide a clear overview of your location and help build trust and transparency with customers.

Why is accessibility important?

Being fully accessible means all users can make use of your products and services, giving you more customers to connect with.

A recent survey by the accessibility charity, Euan’s Guide, found that:

– 95% of respondents said they try to find access information prior to visiting a venue
– 67% agreed that provision of information is a way in which venues can improve their accessibility
– 73% had a bad experience due to inaccurate or misleading information

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What is an access guide?

The provision of information has long been highlighted as an area where businesses can improve accessibility. An access guide aims to improve this issue by consolidating visual and textual access information in one, easy-to-navigate, central location.

This can range from basic contact details and transport connections to more detailed access information around dimensions and gradients of access routes and any potential barriers customers may face in accessing your location.

Examples of standard access information included in guides includes:

  • sizes
  • measurements
  • angle of slopes
  • number of steps
  • member of staff to speak to regarding certain issues
  • contact and travel to information
  • process for assisting persons with disabilities e.g. At an intercom, press 3 times to indicate you have hearing difficulties
  • accessibility facilities
  • or where any other potential issue may arise
Example access guide

Why is being accessible great for your business?

Being accessible and inclusive means catering for all needs. Whilst this is not always possible, providing clear and accurate information means customers can make informed decisions about visiting your location.

This can help avoid creating bad customer experiences and is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. Not only is providing the right information the socially responsible thing to do, as the statistics show, it is a great way engage with all your potential customers.

“The spending power of families with at least one disabled person is estimated by the Government to be over £200 billion a year.” Department for Work & Pensions

“There are over 13 million disabled people in the UK and UK businesses are missing out on £1.8 billion of lost revenue each month by ignoring the needs of disabled customers.” Extra Cost Commission


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