Claypotts Castle

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Case Study – Claypotts Castle

In 2017 we developed a virtual tour for Claypotts Castle in Broughty Ferry, built in the late 1500s. This week we are interviewing Richard Meiklejohn from MAJR Properties who are the local key holders of the castle to find out more about the history of the castle and how OOVIRT have helped them promote their accessibility.

Image of outside of Claypotts Castle
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How did you become the key holders of Claypotts Castle?
“I attended a Visit Scotland tourism event in Dundee back in 2014. Whilst enjoying lunch I got chatting to a regional manager from Historic Scotland who explained how the former key holder had retired, meaning the castle had been closed for 6 months. As a property management company, I felt MAJR could support HS and provide access to the public ensuring the castle could be enjoyed by locals and visitors to the city.”
Why is accessibility important to you?
“With being built in the late 1500s, Claypotts Castle may not be accessible to everyone. With uneven flooring and steps throughout it would be difficult for most prams and wheelchairs. However, we try and provide as much access as we can without disturbing the historic structure.

From outwith the castle on the grass court you are able to observe the scenery and beautiful surroundings of the castle without any access obstacles. As mentioned, being key holders and situated in Dundee we are able to provide access to the public on request. Meaning the castle can be accessed and enjoyed by anyone.”

Why is a virtual tour important to you?
“With being inaccessible to most visitors with mobility issues, having a virtual tour allows them the opportunity to appreciate all the features they may not be able to get to. It is making this historic castle inclusive to all, no matter of their location or ability.

Being able to view the accessibility of the castle themselves, it allows visitors to assess if they are able to move around before they visit. Therefore, diminishing any fears they have about visiting.”

What feedback have you had for the virtual tour?
“We’ve had visitors from across the world visit the castle and the virtual tour has allowed them to share their memories of the visit with relatives when back home.

They’re delighted to be able to share the tour and it encourages other people to want to visit. It makes the castle more accessible in so many ways.”

How do you arrange access to the castle?
“You are able to view the exterior of Claypotts Castle all year round without having to arrange access.

If you would like to access inside the castle, then please phone 01241 878 756 in advance to arrange your visit. This number does not come directly to MAJR Properties however, we will be contacted to get in touch with you.”

Thanks you to Richard Meiklejohn from MAJR Properties for answering our questions and stay tuned for our next case study soon.

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