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Accessible tourism is something that is expanding slowly but surely worldwide and today we’re speaking to Ivana Tomljenovic about the accessibility of Croatia for tourist.

How did you get into tourism in Croatia?

After studying tourism management, I started working in tourism which is where I continue to work today. Through the years I have worked in hotels and few travel agencies. I previously had my own travel agency, it was a small incoming travel agency which specialised for one small Croatian region Gorski Kotar.

For the last few years I have worked as a travel agency manager in Karlobag, on the Croatian coast.

Are there any accessible tourist agencies available in Croatia?

There are some travel agencies that have started with some programs of accessible tourism but there is only one travel agency that is specialised in accessible tourism.

We started to create a unique accessible tourism base in Croatia on our website www.updt-nolimits.hr. On the website people will be able to find accessible content and important information about accessible tourism in Croatia.

Image of the View on Risnjak
View on Risnjak in Croatia.

What is accessible tourism like in Croatia?

This form of tourism has only begun to be developed in Croatia, and the current services of content for people with disabilities is not sufficient, so it is necessary to work on further expansion. Most of our National parks are accessible (but not all and not all areas).

Our mission is to promote and develop new accessible tourism holidays in Croatia and help existing providers of tourism products and services to make their services more accessible.

Is public transport accessible for tourists visiting Croatia?

Yes, but in bigger cities. In smaller towns, public transport is not accessible, but private carriers are being used to provide transportation services with specially adapted vehicles.

Image of tourists in their wheelchairs visiting Cave Vrelo
Tourists in their wheelchairs visiting Cave Vrelo.

Would you like to tell us anything else about tourism in Croatia?

In Croatia, accessible tourism is developing more inland. There are some smaller destinations that are becoming accessible.

I would like to mention Gorski Kotar as a green region in Croatia, but close to the coast. There are few accessible accommodations and many natural beauties that are accessible. There is the only cave in Europe that is accessible to people with disabilities in Fužine. In the immediate vicinity is the Lake Bajer, which is accompanied by an accessible promenade.

Image of Lake Fuzine in Croatia
Lake Fuzine in Croatia.

Thank you Ivana for sharing your story with us. Have you been to Croatia before? We’d love to hear from you on how accessible you found it during your visit.

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