What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you. It helps to tell the story of a customer’s experience with your brand from original engagement and into hopefully a long-term relationship.

At every stage of your customer cycle, you can explore the engagement that each customer has and discover how accessible and successful it is. In a digital world many of these experiences will take place without actually seeing or meeting your customer. It has never been more important to visualise the different ways you interact with your customers in a digital and physical environment.

It is also important to recognise these interactions are not one-stop destinations but an experience that will vary for your different customer segments and therefore many maps may need to be overlaid.

Why do I need a customer journey map?

Businesses can use this map as a tool to gather customer data which can then greatly improve customer experience and the sales process. When you understand each customer’s needs as they move through the sales funnel, you ensure that it is pain free and that the customer is at the centre of everything you do. Where problems or abandonment points are identified, these can be prioritised and a plan put in place to tackle this directly and make effective solutions.

Businesses that use their customer data as the driving force for improvement will build positive relationships and brand trust. When you know what the customer needs then you can ensure that your workforce is designed to meet these real needs. Training, allocation, awareness and experience of the workforce can only truly be efficient and stream-lined if we understand the journey they are trying to support.

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How do we help create a customer journey map?

At OOVIRT, we facilitate the customer journey mapping by working with you, your team and your customers to design this map which can be easily navigated by all. This process can be delivered in a variety of workshop structures ranging from two hours to full one-day sessions and can become the foundation for you and your customers’ relationships.

It is easy to become so involved in the operational side of your business and create sleek processes that you no longer see things from the customers’ perspectives. Customer journey mapping helps businesses step into their customers’ shoes and understand the pains and frustrations they experience, as well as the things you are doing well.