Delivering consistently high quality customer service is the foundation to any successful business but what does it mean?

Everyone needs to be on the same page! To start with, you need to analyse your current successes and challenges in delivering customer service. What are your customers saying? What are their pain points? Once you understand this you can work with your staff to look for the solutions.

We can work with you to better understand your customer so that we have real data to work with. This may take the form of mystery shopper exercises and reviewing customer complaints and comments. We will explore your customer service attitudes, behaviours and skills and identify the strengths and gaps within your business.

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We design workshops which are interactive, energetic and encourage all participants to get involved and understand the business goals. As a result, staff will be able to highlight issues that prevent great customer service and make suggested improvements. Consequently, this will help to embed a positive mind-set shift and provide ownership of the customer service experience.

Our workshops will visit the fundamentals of positive customer service experience:

        • Valuing internal and external customers
        • Listening and communication skills
        • Positive first impressions
        • Empathy and transparency

      Customer satisfaction breeds customer loyalty
      Regardless of the size of business, common ground must be established if consistently high-quality customer service experiences are to be achieved. Most importantly, you will want to measure the impact of this training, so we also look to tie in quality assurance measures which can be agreed and results fed back to inform next steps in the training journey.

      We can support your design of a customer service charter and work with your whole team to develop their skills and understanding of this essential aspect of business success. Leading and managing the customer service experience is not without its challenges, so part of this process can focus on supervisors and managers to ensure they feel equipped for this role. Mentoring programmes and stand-alone training are also available.

      Strong leadership is essential to building a customer-focused business

      The training needs to fit with your business model so we will work with you to design sessions which suit your timescales. These can be a ‘one-off’ day workshop or a series of sessions which allow for time to practice the skills learned.

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