What is a virtual access guide?

It is a virtual overview of a destination that allows any potential visitor to fully explore all your venues and the facilities or services on offer. Each venue or facility which receives visitors should be included to ensure you provide a complete overview. By building in all your access information within the virtual overview, you can develop a more inclusive destination.

ATTRACT – Inclusive virtual experiences will widen your audience and build trust with your potential visitors.

A destination can include Business Improvement Districts, government/public sector buildings, tourism organisations, trader associations, transports hubs, shopping centres. Any area where people can visit should have accurate access information to create a customer-focused place for all to enjoy.
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ENGAGE – Develop the essential access information visitors are looking for.

Inclusive destination experiences should include all businesses, public facilities, navigation support and important customer information within a specific area. 

This information must be kept up to date to ensure your information is accurate at all times to support your visitors.

DELIGHT – Offer all your sales & marketing content in one easy to navigate place.

By showcasing your destination in a clear and transparent approach, new and existing customers will be able to maximise their time at your location, helping improve customer experience and revenue for all businesses within.
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