Dundee Flower & Food Festival

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Last weekend Camperdown Country Park in Dundee hosted Dundee’s Flower and Food Festival for their 30th year. It ran from Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September offering the best in food and horticulture. A fun filled programme included free cookery demonstrations from some of the top chefs in Dundee, numerous stalls offering unique crafts, live entertainment and delicious culinary delights to taste and buy. Our Marketing Manager Claire went down on the Sunday to check out their accessibility.

Claire found parking her wheelchair accessible vehicle stress free as signage was clearly visable of where accessible parking was and every steward was very helpful at guiding the traffic. This shows that great training was provided to make sure all the stewards knew how to help. The ground was a little uneven for Claire to drive on in her electric wheelchair, however she expected this with the event being held in a country park.

When Claire decided to go to the Flower and Food Festival she contacted the organisers on Facebook to ask if they provided a free carer ticket. She got a reply a few hours later saying that if she showed her message at the box office then she would get her carer in for free. The only problem that she faced is the same problem she faced at Rita Ora’s concert in July. The box office window was too high for being in her wheelchair. This meant that her carer had to explain the Facebook message, something she feels takes away her independence.

Within the Flower and Food Festival Claire found the area quite accessible. The ground was fairly flat and as she attended on the Sunday she found it was quiet, which meant she felt she was able to drive around in her wheelchair freely. The only time she needed support whilst driving was when she went up on and off the walkways that were put down on the grass. These walkways were only in a small area of the Flower and Food Festival which Claire did not know, this is where a virtual tour would be very useful. It would allow all visitors who are anxious about attending the festival to see the layout before and remove any surprises whilst being at the location.

Spacious festival area.
Spacious festival area.
Slight edge to get on and off walkway.
Slight edge to get on and off walkway.

There were standard portacabin toilets and an accessible portacabin toilet. However, Claire feels some wheelchair users may struggle to manoeuvre inside it, especially if they need assistance from someone. A great accessible feature that Camperdown Country Park has though is a Changing Places toilet which is out with the festival but close by beside the play park. You can view their Changing Places toilet here.

Overall, attending the event was a positive experience. With some small changes as suggested then the event could improve its accessibility and be more inclusive.

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I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Applied Computing. During my studies the field that I had a great interest in was web development however since graduating I have also become very interested in accessibility. I was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and since the age of 3 I have used a wheelchair 24/7. Due to my disability I have always come across problems regarding accessibility, which is why it’s such a passion for me.

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