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Case Study – Dundee International Women’s Centre

For our case study this week we are interviewing Caroline McKenna at Dundee International Women’s Centre. DIWC seeks to engage, educate and empower women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, to help them achieve their personal goals. They do this by providing educational, recreational and social activities, as well as employment training, information and advice services for disadvantaged and/or excluded women from over sixty countries.


Click to view virtual tour.
Why did you set up the organisation, what was the vision?
“The organisation was set up 49 years ago in 1969. The purpose was to provide social classes for women who had migrated to Dundee and the social classes were supported by a Creche to allow the women to attend their classes while their children were being cared for. The original core purpose still stands today, and the vision is ‘We believe in a world where women and girls are given the opportunity to achieve their goals, are happy and safe and prosper in their community’.”
Why is accessibility important to you?
When interviewing Caroline she says that DIWC feels accessibility is important because “it helps everyone who may be visiting the centre to understand the access points and helps to alleviate any fears about visiting for the first time.”
Why a virtual tour important to you?
The virtual tour for DIWC showcases the great aspects of the centre, including classrooms, kitchen and community areas. Caroline feels it “helps to ease any fears for women who may not have visited the centre before”.

You can view the Dundee Internationals Women’s Centre virtual tour here.

How has working with OOVIRT made you more accessible?
“Working with OOVIRT was a great experience, the process was simple, and the staff were very experienced and understanding of our organisation and their needs. I would highly recommend OOVIRT for their professionalism, advice and guidance through every aspect of a business’s customer journey.”
What events do you have coming up?
The Dundee International Women’s Centre has lots of activities all year round including celebratory lunches, annual general meeting, multicultural family fun days, summer trips, open days and many more.
Don’t forget to follow DIWC on Facebook to keep up to date on all events and check out their website for information.

Thank you to Caroline McKenna at Dundee International Women’s Centre for answering our questions this week and stay tuned for our next case study.

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