Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Sensory Backpacks

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Last week we shared the story of how The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is this year boosting its accessibility by providing sensory backpacks to those with autism. The backpacks are available from three different locations for free on a first-come-first-serve basis. Over the weekend, we visited Edinburgh to find out more!

We have created a inclusive virtual experience to help showcase the edfringe shop on the busy Royal Mile which is one of the locations packs can be collected from. The tour also highlights what each pack contains, where the other shop points are located and the different opening times (click on the info icon within the experience to see the details). Virtual tours are known to be a great tool to help improve the experience for those with autism when they first visit a new location.

If you want to check out the location of the edfringe shop, find out more about how to get a sensory backpack or just see how the festival looked on the Royal Mile at the weekend (4/5 August 2018) then please check out our virtual tour by clicking on the image below.

Photo showing entrance to Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the Royal Mile
Click on image to see accessible the inclusive virtual experience of Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the Royal Mile

Did you visit any of the Edinburgh Festivals at the weekend? What other areas would you like to see shown off? Comment below and let us know.

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