What is a hotel virtual experience?

It is a virtual overview of your venue that showcases all the facilities and support you can provide for your guests. It allows you to fully map out how someone can reach your destination and move around inside. By building in all your access information, you can create a more inclusive hotel experience.

ATTRACT – Virtual experiences are a proven way of boosting direct bookings.

Travellers want to visualise potential new experiences. How will your place make them feel? A virtual experience on your website is a powerful way to share your story and is shown to lead to more bookings.

ENGAGE – Known in the industry as sticky content, a virtual experience will keep viewers on your website for up FIVE TIMES LONGER than standard material.

The longer your potential customers stay on your website, then the greater chance you have to share all the products and services you offer. 

Person booking hotel room on tablet

DELIGHT – OOVIRT’s virtual experiences contain clearly placed Calls-to-Action.

Once you’ve attracted and engaged your potential customers, our action buttons are embbed within your visual content meaning your viewers can instantly access your booking system leading to greater conversions of your traffic.