How Can I Share My Vision With My Staff?

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The “force” is strong with the owner or leader of any business, the purpose of your business and its vision has been carved out after much considered thought and reflection.

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This may have seemed like the hard part, but the challenge lies in trying to ensure your staff share and understand this vision.

Poor communication, lack of time and clarity and ambiguity often mean that the vision is misunderstood when turning it into practice. How can you stop and take stock to ensure that the vision remains consistent and true to your original purpose?

business leaders jumping


Some business leaders and owners get so excited that the business idea is ready to put into practice that they jump right in, forgetting to share the vision with those around them.

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Others rush through the vision and purpose and don’t allow staff the time to fully engage with the part they will play in achieving this vision.

Walking around your business you may overhear and see elements of the business which are not aligned and do not support your overall purpose and vision.

This may be the tone that the staff use when interreacting with your customers, perhaps the quality of the engagement is lacking, you may recognise that feedback is not acted upon and staff are working solely on processes and have stopped putting customers at the heart of what they do.

It would be easy to blame the staff and mangers for not getting this right, but the big question is – do they know what you would like it to look like?

Clear vision


STOP! Start asking questions. What do staff feel is their purpose?

What is the most important thing your business is trying to achieve, other than make money?!

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Can your staff tell you what your core values are? Have you ever written them down?

If you are aware that these questions pose some challenges, then it is time to take stock and revisit your purpose with ALL your staff.

This may seem unreasonable and unrealistic but as little as 4 hours put aside could be all it takes to get back on track and get everyone moving in the same direction, together. Every new initiative, piece of expensive equipment or new technology will never fix the core problem if staff are not all working together toward the same vision and goals.


If your business has lost its way or doesn’t look or have the feel that you were aiming for then it may be time to get in touch.

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Our half day sessions can investigate the gap between what is happening now and what should be happening. Our follow up report will allow you to design and develop strategies for bridging the void.

OOVIRT can support you in this journey by running facilitation sessions and then working with you to deliver training that develop your staff’s understanding and motivation to engage with your vision.

If you would like to chat then get in touch with me, Ashley Petrie at OOVIRT.


Staff’s reaction to this process:

Ashley was very clear and communicated the vision so well, I now understand how exactly I should interact with our customers. Testimonial from Deep Sea World
This was by far the most interesting and engaging training experience I have had. Testimonial from Playfair’s Restaurant

Business owner’s reaction to this process:

Ashley helped our staff understand the importance of everyone’s role with =in the organisation and the need to channel our efforts for the greater good! Testimonial from MSL Leisure
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