How Do I Get The Most From My Staff?

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V&A team building

The vision is always strongest with the owner or leader of any business. The time that you spend living, eating and breathing the design of your new business is one of the most exciting, and exhausting, stages.

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This passion and clarity is always strongest within the creator of the business and can often become diluted or misinterpreted when trying to share it with others. When you close your eyes and imagine the customer experience that your business will provide it may seem very simple to achieve. Why is it then that staff can find it so difficult to translate this into practice?


Many businesses can find that staff turnover can be one of the key challenges when trying to provide a consistently high level of service.

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In large organisations the C suite execs are reliant on middle management to translate the vision and this can allow for versions of the original to appear.

Motivation and dedication can also be an ongoing concern when making sure that the experience is the same for all customers, regardless of the time of day, week and year. Frequently poor communication is labelled the main cause of this confusion and frustration. So often time is wasted hiding behind devices and e-mails. The time has come for businesses to start talking, and not from the safety of a device and bank of emojis!

Clear Vision


So once the vision has been agreed how you share this is central to its implementation being successful.

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Staff should be part of this journey and be able to inform and shape the vision adding value with their own skills. When staff are part of the process they buy in to the business’s desire to succeed and understand their role in making this happen.

Staff are the largest asset in most service-based industries but getting the right staff and keeping them continues to be an ongoing challenge. The business must make sure that once the vision is clear, the right people are recruited to deliver it. Out of date, generic job descriptions and unimaginative interview processes are often the beginning of the end. Getting it right for your customers means starting at the beginning and working bottom up to make sure that the top down vision can be allowed to happen. Getting the right people who fit with the vision, understand the business’s purpose and feel they play a vital role in ensuring success is achieved is a positive starting point. Unfortunately, it does not end there. Ongoing staff development which is meaningful and supports each member of staff will help build the strength of the team as individuals and therefore as a collective. The right staff will help make sure that the customers become ambassadors for your business, attracting new customers as a result of their positive word of mouth experiences.


In many organisations training falls into two camps. Firstly, mandatory training which is an essential part of delivering the role, this is often scheduled and delivered in an uninspiring and repetitive manner.

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The second type of training is most often elastoplast sessions.

These are delivered when a problem has been identified and training providers are brought in to heal or mend the problem. This does not however get to the root of the problem and therefore cannot prevent the same issues arising again. At OOVIRT our lead trainer has 20 years’ experience in education and designs and delivers sessions that meet everyone’s needs ensuring maximum impact. The training identifies action and empowers individuals to explore solutions and strategies that work for their business and people within it. After the training is completed OOVIRT also provide ongoing support and quality assurance measures to make sure that success can be recognised and celebrated.

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