How Do You Attract The Right Staff?

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Getting the right people to relay your business’s message and represent the vision is essential.

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However, finding the time to do this well can often prove challenging. Depending on the staff that you are looking for may determine the best way of attracting the right people.

The time, money and effort finding the right staff can be wasted if a rush decision is made and the relationship doesn’t work for the parties involved. The challenge is not only attracting individuals who are motivated and engaged with your business’s purpose but also whether they will complement the existing team. This is a complex area but there are a few musts that if followed can prevent future problems.


Staff turnover is inevitable. It occurs for many reasons, perhaps your industry is seasonal, or maybe you aren’t attracting the right people.

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Often businesses are victims of their own success and key staff move on to seek new opportunities as a result of the training and experience you have provided. It is important to perform exit interviews with all staff so that you can start to build a picture of annual staff turnover and identify any patterns so that you can plan for this.

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Succession planning becomes an integral part of the businesses, which allows you to plan for demand and future proof the skills within your business.

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Staff may be performing many different roles, but the team dynamic must also be considered and the skills that are present as a result of all your staff must be taken into account.

Once you have carried out this analysis you can turn to the job description and channels for advertising the vacancy. The job description needs to reflect the vision of the business and ultimately the wider skills, personality and team needs to ensure that the right people are applying.

It may be time to take a more innovative approach to writing your job description by asking those that carry out he role currently and use the feedback from exit interviews to inform you. Job descriptions should be reviewed frequently.


Recruiting is often a knee jerk to a member of staff saying they are leaving.

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When someone leaves your business, it is actually an excellent opportunity to discover something about what your staff think of working there. Make sure you conduct an exit interview and use this to inform the recruitment process. Attracting the right staff is a skill and you need to look at who currently carries this out.

Do they have the skills/training to do this extremely important role?

When was the last time you reviewed your job description and interview process?

Could you be more innovative to ensure you attract the right staff?

Have you completed a succession planning session to ensure you can be proactive where possible and minimise the risk of losing key skills within your business?


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