Customer service and disability awareness training can help your front line staff deliver an inclusive customer experience. Training should be designed around your destination’s strategy and requirements to maximise business performance. 

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What is customer service training?

The training should be centred around your customer needs ensuring that every visitor can receive outstanding service. It teaches the essential soft skills and understanding of how your staff should communicate and support customers when interacting with your business.


What is disability awareness training?

The training should focus on recognising and supporting customers with additional needs. Staff will learn about the different type of disabilities (both hidden & visible), tools (types of equipment) to improve interaction and the communication styles that can be adopted.

It will ensure staff have the confidence and understanding to support all your potential customers.

Why is training your staff to support all your potential customers great for your business?

By providing customer service & disability awareness training, staff can be provided with the confidence, skills and understanding to cater for all your potential customers. 

This allows you to provide an inclusive destination that will keep customers coming back and speaking positively about your business.


How to provide inclusive training?

Training should be tailored around your destination’s requirements to help maximise the customer experience.

Be sure to find the right expertise and support that will allow you to implement the processes and customer service skills that all your customers demand.