What is an access guide?

The provision of information has long been highlighted as an area where businesses can improve accessibility. An access guide aims to improve this issue by consolidating visual and textual access information in one, easy-to-navigate, central location.

This can range from basic contact details and transport connections to more detailed access information around dimensions and gradients of access routes and any potential barriers customers may face in accessing your location.

Examples of standard access information included in guides includes:

  • sizes
  • measurements
  • angle of slopes
  • number of steps
  • member of staff to speak to regarding certain issues
  • contact and travel to information
  • process for assisting persons with disabilities e.g. At an intercom, press 3 times to indicate you have hearing difficulties
  • accessibility facilities
  • or where any other potential issue may arise
Front cover of Dundee United FC access guide
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Why use an Access Guide?

Customers are often looking for specific accessibility information about your destination when considering if they would like to visit.

An access guide allows you to produce the essential information customers with different accessibility requirements are looking for to ensure they can access your venue with confidence. This ensures you can engage with all your potential customers.

A well presented guide will not only  improve your brand value, but the number of potential visitors who will want to go to your destination.

How to create an access guide?

You should start by doing a structured assessment of each venue to gather the essential access information needed.

You should collect data that allows you to describe the journey of, getting to, arriving at and moving through your venue. High quality images should be included and an audio format also made available for those with visual impairments.

The details can then be presented as website content, a visual guide or a separate downloadable document/file.