This page is dedicated to the understanding and application of customer focused principles. It will help answer some of the key questions that help define the best business and brands and ultimately what allows them to develop and maintain a loyal customer base.

Who are my customers?

How do I connect with them?

How do I provide consistent and high quality customer experiences?

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Customer Journey Mapping

What is customer journey mapping?
Customer journey mapping is the process of looking into the way customers interact with your company. It allows you to walk in the customers shoes from their original engagement to hopefully their long-lasting commitment to your company.

Why do customer journey mapping?
Customer journey mapping helps businesses step into their customers’ shoes and understand the pains and frustrations they suffer, as well as the things you are doing well. Highlighting any issues being faced, allows a company to concentrate their efforts on where they may be failing in their service provision and could improve their overall customer experience.

When should we use customer journey mapping?
Customer journey mapping can be carried out at any point during your company’s lifecycle and should always be implemented when reviewing your operations or if bringing in new services. It is important to continually review your customer interactions to ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery and customer journey mapping is a fantastic tool for this.

How to do customer journey mapping?
Customer journey consists of several stages that must be worked through.

  • It is fundamental to research your customers and build personas from the information gathered
  • You need to understand the different objectives of your customers and how you will meet their needs
  • Create a visual map of each interaction or touch point, be that digital or physical
  • Look for any pain points your customers face, ideally engaging your customers as part of this process or using structured workshops
  • Prioritise which issues you need to fix first that will remove the most pain from your customer’s journey
  • Update your customer journey and then look to repeat the process at regular intervals or when any changes are made to operations

How to use customer journey mapping?
A customer journey map can be used for a variety of systems within a business. It provides a visual story of how your customers interact with you, meaning it is invaluable to educate both customers and staff about what your business does, why it operates and how it works. This information can also form the basis for your website, marketing and business development content.