As customer experience (CX) and virtual reality (VR) specialists, we are here to support your business to create and deliver unique and high quality experiences for your customers. We have a simple four-step approach with each step available as an individual service or as a combination which best suits your business requirements.
Our support can be provided as a one-off engagement or as part of an ongoing relationship where we seek to build in quality assured feedback from your customers. The continual review and development of your customer and virtual experiences helps ensure your business remains ahead of its competitors.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Taking the perspective of the customer is essential to understanding his/her experience with your business.
Following discussions to understand your exact requirements, we will deliver a workshop or series of workshops to help map out your customer journey.
Support is available from an initial two hour consultation to development of a full customer charter for your organisation.

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OOVIRT have pioneered a new method in promoting your accessibility by the way of Accessible Virtual Tours.
This leading method will not only significantly improve your customer experience, but will also help increase revenue by allowing your business to benefit from an emerging market the size of China.

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Virtual Tours

Our tours will be designed around your requirements, whether providing a helpful journey map for your customers, an immersive marketing tool to showcase your location or unique VR experience.
The length of the virtual tour production process will mainly depend on the size of the tour and any bespoke design elements required to create the tour experience.

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Staff Development

Taking the perspective of the customer is essential to understanding his/her experience with your business.
There is no better marketing than word of mouth and great customer service can help you deliver experiences that people will be talking about for all the right reasons.
We will work with your team to help identify and resolve any service challenges and provide staff with the confidence and skills to look after your customers.

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