What is customer experience (CX)?

The interactions your customers have with your services and products and the subsequent perception they have of your brand. These interactions can be both physical and digital and the perception is not only measured during and in the immediate aftermath of their interaction but also long into the future.


Why does training your staff matter? (particularly considering CX)

Your staff are your organisations ambassadors and the best form of marketing your business. Training your staff in customer service helps not only boost your word-of-mouth marketing, the development of your team leads to enhanced staff well-being and better productivity which ultimately will help improve the profitability of your business.

How we can help you?

We can work with you to better understand your customer so that we have real data to work with. This may take the form of mystery shopper exercises and reviewing customer complaints or comments. We will explore your customer service attitudes, behaviours and skills and identify the strengths and gaps within your business.

We design workshops which are interactive, energetic and encourage all participants to get involved and understand the business goals. As a result, staff will be able to highlight issues that prevent great customer service and make suggested improvements. Consequently, this will help to embed a positive mind-set shift and provide ownership of the customer service experience.

Staff members enjoying a training session at D'Arcy Thompson in Dundee