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Case Study – The Cheesery

Steve and Hilary Barney are the owners and operators of The Cheesery, located in Downtown Dundee’s Exchange Street. Their shop lies amongst a boutique collection of local independents, from where they serve some of the finest cheese and accompaniments available on the market.

The Cheesery is a must visit for any foodie when spending time in Dundee. In this week’s case study, we discover more about the owners, their passion for the business and why accessibility and virtual tours are important to them.

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Click to view virtual tour.
Why did you set up the business, what was the vision?
“We both have a real love of everything food and drink and after running a successful street food business in London for 3 years, we decided we wanted to move to Dundee where Hils grew up and start a family. We wanted to stay in the food industry and when the opportunity came up to take over The Cheesery, we jumped at it. We saw a fantastic business with great potential and most importantly, we love cheese!”
Why is accessibility important to you?
“Accessibility is very important to us as we want everyone to be able to enjoy our cheeses. Our door is easily wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and our display fridge is comfortably visible from a sitting position, which makes it much easier to see the cheeses. Our card machine is wireless too, making payment much easier. We do have a small step to get access to the shop but there’s always someone working who’s happy to be of assistance in any way possible.”
Why is a virtual tour important to you?
“A virtual tour is a great way for people to come into the shop without leaving their home. They get a feel for the products, the space and the ambience of the shop as well as important information on access. This helps them make a much more informed decision on when and where they would like to shop.”

You are able to view The Cheesery’s virtual tour here.

How has working with OOVIRT made you more accessible?
“Working with OOVIRT has made us much more aware of the importance of not just accessibility but getting that knowledge to potential customers before they come to the shop. It has also made us much more vigilant to the varying accessibility needs our customers have and made us think a lot more on how to accommodate these needs.”
What special offers/events/promos do you have?
“We do a lot of local events in Dundee and the surrounding areas, as well as cheese and wine and cheese and beer tasting events too. We also have a try before you buy policy in the shop, so you can be absolutely sure you leave with a cheese you’ll love!”

You can virtually visit this fantastic independent cheese shop here.

Don’t forget to have a look at The Cheesery website to see a list of currently stocked cheeses and gift baskets available. Also, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on all events or offers throughout the year.

Thank you to Steve and Hilary Barney, the owners and operators of The Cheesery for answering our questions this week and stay tuned for our next case study.

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