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Case Study – The Ink Rooms Virtual Tour

In 2017 we developed a virtual tour for The Ink Rooms tattoo studio in Broughty Ferry. This week we are interviewing the owner, Jacqueline Boyle, who also handles the day to day operations and site management, to learn about their business and how OOVIRT have helped them promote their accessibility.

Photo of main access door The Ink Rooms in Broughty Ferry
Click to view virtual tour
Why did you set up? What was the vision?
“At The Ink Rooms we don’t want to just give our customers a tattoo we wanted to give them an experience, an experience that revolves around their ideas, in the surroundings of our contemporary, bright and friendly studio.

We have 2 resident artists, our Senior artist Rakel is from sunny Spain, Rakel specialises in Black and grey realism, and Jessica our junior artist who’s been tattooing for a year, Jessica loves anything bright and bold, to mandalas and dot work.”

Why is accessibility important to you?
“We want everyone to feel that they are welcome at The Ink Rooms and try and provide as much accessibility information as possible.

As well as being beneficial to anyone getting their first tattoo, we understand that someone with autism can be very anxious about visiting. With our virtual tour we hope to make someone feel more comfortable about their first visit and will try and help as much as we can.
Having information on our main access door within the virtual tour is also very helpful for people with mobility impairments.”

Why is a virtual tour important to you?
“We wanted to showcase our interior design and contemporary fit out in a unique way. We are not directly visible from the main street and having the virtual tour direct customers to where we are located really helps our business. We have guest tattoo artists that often visit The Ink Room from all over the world, so having a virtual tour also is beneficial in showing them where they will be working and what to expect, it gives them the confidence to come and join our studio.

Some people can feel anxious when first visiting a tattoo parlour and may have never had a tattoo before.

Finally, we don’t have a look of a place that someone would traditionally think of as a tattoo studio. It’s difficult to get that visual representation of how contemporary our studio looks across any other way than the virtual tours, it helps people feel more at ease.”

How has working with OOVIRT helped you be more accessible?
“We have had great feedback from our customer and having the virtual tour is so much better than having standard photographs, it really helps show off the whole studio.

It’s helped us be more transparent with our customers and remove some of the fears and stereotypes sometimes labelled with tattoo studios. We’ve had lots of customers with access requirements calling up to ask if they could enter the venue, and rather than having to rely on my interpretation, I direct them to the tour to see for themselves. Other’s have said they’ve seen the studio online that has given them the confidence to make a booking. Not only has it been great for our marketing and social responsibility, but it has also give us another client base that we would never have reached before.

The knowledge and support of the OOVIRT team was fantastic in helping map out our customer experience and promote our venue. They have provided us with a customer feedback form within the virtual tour so we can listen to our customers and continually monitor and improve our customer service.”

What are your current offers/deals/promos?
“We are looking forward to our special guest artist arriving on the 19th March. Lee is from Ireland but lives in Canada, he has 15 years of tattooing under his belt and specialises in black and grey realism. He is staying with us for 10 days and is almost fully booked.

All the tattoos we do here are custom designs, and we have a wide variation of styles and designs, we also love taking on cover ups and reworking existing tattoos, seeing the transformations of this type of work is very rewarding, we also offer free laser removal to all our customers that are booked in to get a cover up if its required.

Our customers range from 18 up to 80 years old, from first tattoos to serious tattoo collectors, and I think we have a nice equal balance of gals and guys coming in.

Our tattoos range from £50 per hour with our junior artist and £80 with Rakel. Be sure to keep an eye out for our promo competitions.”

Thanks you to The Ink Rooms for answering our questions and stay tuned for our next case study soon.

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