The OOVIRT journey

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We are continuing to collaborate with leading national and international organisations to develop solutions that enhance their customer experience.

Recent months have seen the team presenting at a variety of conferences and workshops to help businesses take the simple steps to improve how they support their customers whilst also becoming more inclusive.

Photo shows Ashley Petrie facilitating a customer innovation workshop

In a digital age that is polluted with mis-information, it has never been more important to build trust with customers on and offline. OOVIRT’s inclusive marketing and training services are providing businesses and their customers the opportunity to better connect at each step of the customer journey.

This is resulting in not only an improved user experience, but also increased staff engagement, enhanced business performance and ultimately happier & more productive places.

As this great works continues apace, we must also announce that last week, one of the founding team members, Michael Leeland has decided to move on.

Photo of Michael Leeland and Richard Meiklejohn.

We would like to take the time to recognise the input Michael has given during his time here and wish him will well with his new endeavours.

The mission to create and promote inclusive destinations is one that continues to gather momentum as more businesses recognise both the need and value of being fully inclusive.

If you want people to talk about your destination for all the right reasons, then make sure you are providing all the essential information your customers need and equipping your staff with the skills to deliver outstanding customer service.

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