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Accessibility is important to everyone as we want to go about our daily lives with ease. For those with specific accessibility requirements, be that a disability or other, information and transparency of venues and locations has never been more paramount.

OOVIRT promote the adoption of standardised authentic and trusted access information. This approach can truly help both businesses and their customers better connect.

The inclusive virtual experiences developed by OOVIRT, allows a business to embed all the key access information along with introducing a company’s team and facilities in a unique and immersive way.

This simple approach can help your business or destination better engage with all your potential customers and will build trust with your brand.

Any website can embed the OOVIRT icon into their header or footer to directly link to their access information and/or virtual experience. Highlighting their commitment to being accessible and making the information easy to find for all their customers.

With one in five people in the UK classified as disabled, this is a huge business opportunity that is repeatedly overlooked.

OOVIRT  helps organisations embrace this mission and take the simple steps that can make a huge difference to their business and their customers.

We also champion and promote different access requirements and the many charities and suppliers who help make a difference. Any group is welcome to connect to share their story and the great work they are doing to improve access for all.

The ultimate OOVIRT goal is to work with our clients and partners to re-invest money back into improving the physical environment and creating better places for everyone to enjoy.

Malcolm Roughead VisitScotland Chief Executive, said: “The introduction of this new accessible virtual reality experience is a great example of a business using progressive and innovative technology to strengthen their connections with potential visitors.”

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