What is a virtual tour?

The easiest way to tell you about a virtual tour is to let you see for yourself. Below is an example virtual tour of a stadium (this could easily be any other venue, location or small business).

A virtual tour uses multiple 360° panoramic photographs linked together to allow a viewer to fully explore your location as if they were there.


At OOVIRT, we use the traditional virtual tour combined with interactive and immersive content. This enables the virtual tour to be a powerful marketing or sales tool that can improve your customer experience and increase your revenue.

Why use a virtual tour?

With over 80% of shoppers researching online before making a purchase, a virtual tour can help both sell a product or service. It allows you to showcase your business in a unique and transparent way that will better connect with your customers.


Although pictures are a great addition to any website, they do not provide a full experience of your location. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a virtual tour is worth 1,000 pictures. 

What is a VR experience?

A VR experience from can be created from 360 photos, 360 videos and/or computer generated images. These experiences have the ability to create an endless range of environments to transport your customers into an immersive digital world.


Why is a VR experience great for your business?

Much like a virtual tour, it offers the opportunity to showcase your location and build in additional content that will help create a totally unique experience that can then be used to engage your customers.
Examples include:

  • Virtual stories (great for improving the accessibility of your location, boosting productivity and offering new revenue streams)
  • Virtual training (great for staff training and education visits)
  • Virtual marketing & sales (great for authenticating your brand and immersing customers in your product)

Our Process

Design Stage
Following discussions to understand your exact requirements, we will design a bespoke virtual tour/VR experience to meet your needs

We will provide you with a full proposal that will set-out the included features, timelines, additional options and all the associated costs.
Site Survey
We will arrange a convenient time to visit your location to capture the images and access information for the virtual tour/VR experience


On-site time can vary from 1 hour to several of days, depending on project size.
We will work with you to minimise any impact on your business.
   Tour/VR Production
From our office, we will use our software to produce your virtual tour/VR experience and develop a unique marketing tool to engage with your customers

The build process is the longest part in the production of the virtual tour/VR experience where all the images, links, texts, icons and other bespoke items are all brought to life in a virtual environment.
   Virtual tour/VR experience launch
Following your approval and any amendments being made, we are now ready for your virtual tour/VR experience launch

Man wear smart glasses

We will work with you to get your virtual tour live online and promote your new virtual tour/VR experience through our website and social media channels.