What Do Your Staff Need From You?

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Over the last 6 weeks we have explored how do maximise the potential of your staff. The overarching message has all been about understanding and respecting their value, as individuals and, to your business. 

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So, this week I want to consider what your staff may need from you. This is looking beyond their job security and regular income.

All your staff will hold different ambitions and motivations, understanding these is the key to ensuring staff commitment and loyalty.

Depending on the number of staff in your business then this may seem like a dauting task however there is a quick solution. ……… just ask them!

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When you are trying to discover what your staff need it may be overwhelming if the question is left totally open ended. To resolve this, you can ask this question within focussed contexts.

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What do you need form your job?

What do you need form your manager?

What do you need in relation to development and training?

What do you need to know to be the best you can?

These examples allow you to see how you can channel the responses so that you are able to collate them. This means that you can act more meaningfully and in a purposeful and powerful way.


Let’s consider what your staff may need from you. If you plot out what these may be then you will not be surprised when they ask!

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Often it is the little things and we take these for granted. Staff want recognition when they perform well. Not necessarily a fancy plaque or employee of the month award, just a simple thank you and your time spent recognising their good work.

Staff also want to be heard, hold regular meetings where staff can contribute to the agenda and have a safe and supportive environment where they are really listened to is a must.

Staff may seek promotional opportunities and be keen to understand what the business may hold for them in the future. Share these chances with them however be mindful that many staff are happy to deliver their role and go home satisfied and do not want to be promoted. These employees are your stable foundation which allows the business to develop.

Staff may want specific training, this can be delivered in house or outsourced. Again, staff can be a part of this and potentially discover their own training suggestions.

If you anticipate some of your staff’s needs, then you will show up as an employer that cares and wants to make the difference to each employee and, as a result, the business as a whole.


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