What Interview Questions Should You Be Asking?

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It’s 7am on Monday morning and after checking your diary for the week you realise that you are interviewing new staff! Sound familiar?

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Suddenly you realise that you need to get up and dress appropriately to carry out this job. You understand the importance of getting this right, you replay in your head previous interviews and think about some of the questions you have asked before and the decisions you made.

Were the outcomes and choice of new staff right?

When you arrive at the office you google “best interview questions to ask”. This is a minefield as this search has over 927,000,000 responses!

Where should you begin with making sure you are asking the right questions?

Interview panel


When preparing for an interview many candidates research the company & consider what might be asked.

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As the interviewer, there is a responsibility to ensure that the candidate feels comfortable in the interview or they will not be able to perform their best, this is the job of the interviewer to ensure that the candidate is put at ease and not made to feel like they are standing on a firing line.

At the same time, it is essential that the same effort that the candidate has made has also been made by the interviewer or interview panel. For the interviewees they will take away an impression of your business and the importance of how staff are treated within it.

Interview questions should not be there to catch anyone out but instead explore the opportunities, mindset, skills and ambitions of your candidate. This huge opportunity to recruit the best staff you can lies ahead.

Are you prepared to make sure it works out for you and your business?

Team work


Assuming that several people applied for the post you may have already sifted through these applications and invited the candidates to interview.

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At this point it is important to consider the post and the team or environment that the successful candidate will be working in. If it is not on site then make sure you get some first-hand experience, either by visiting or better still by inviting a co-worker or manager to be part of this process. You can recruit the strongest candidate but if they don’t complement the team it may all be in vain.

What do you need the candidate to already be able to do?

What can you provide training in?

What would benefit the business most?


The main thing I love about my job is getting to meet so many interesting people.

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There is nothing better than working with a business and the satisfaction of supporting them in moving forward productively and helping them achieve success.

One of the things that I find when I am out is that so many businesses carry out processes that have never been updated and do so without question. It doesn’t take long to unpick some of these processes and identify opportunities to improve. As an outside consultant I often find that I ask the elephant in the room question! When we start to work together and have open conversations then great things are discovered. In as little as 2 hours I can work with you and review your interview procedure and identify areas which could be improved and identify how to do this.

If you would like to review your interview procedures and processes then get in touch with me, ashley@oovirt.com.


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