What is Accessibility?

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Over the coming weeks, OOVIRT will be producing a series of content around accessibility, what it means for your business, and more importantly, your customers.

This first week, we are looking at ‘what is accessibility’ and what we mean when we talk about accessibility.

The word accessibility can be interpreted in many different ways. When you Google for the definition you are told, “the quality of being able to be reached or entered” or “the quality of being easy to obtain or use” or “the quality of being easily understood or appreciated”. At OOVIRT, when we talk about accessibility, we are talking about “the practice of making your business or location accessible by as many people as possible”.

It is something that most people don’t think about on a daily basis, but others are constantly having difficulty living how they want to live and feeling included in society.

When you look at meeting the needs of people with a disability it can be extremely varied because all disabilities are different, and everyone has different requirements. In the UK, there are over 13 million people living with a disability and approximately only 6% are wheelchair users. The remainder is mostly made up of those with long-term health issues, hearing or visual impairments and non-wheelchair mobility impairments.

However, accessibility is also so much more far reaching. Think of young families, pregnant mothers, people who have short-term health issues and elderly people who require information to meet their enhanced accessibility requirements.

Image showing types of people who may require access information.
Example of type of groups looking for accessibility information

Fundamentally, accessibility is treating everyone the same, and giving them the same opportunities, no matter what their ability or circumstances. We are all different, but we are all human, and therefore have the same (human) rights.

For the next 8 weeks we will be looking into accessibility in much more detail, including but not limited to why is accessibility important, how does it impact your business, the benefits and barriers to being more inclusive. Our hope is for businesses to become much more aware of the issue’s customers have in regards to accessibility and for customers to be able to visit new places without the constant worry of their requirements being met.

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