Why Providing Online Access Information Is Important?

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There is a lot of uncertainty for potential customers who have specific requirements to visit a new business and providing access information can put customers worries at ease. It allows them to make a realistic decision themselves whether or not they can access the service or product that you provide. We’ve spoken previously about the two types of online access information that you as a business can provide to your potential customers; access guides and virtual experiences, and how they are a great support for potential customers. But, how can they be beneficial for the overall running of your business?

Well having online access information sets you out from many other similar businesses around you. If someone searches online ‘wheelchair accessible restaurants in Dundee’ and your website provides that information, then it will be the first that draws their attention. Attracting more traffic to your website and hopefully in turn welcoming more customers to physically visit your establishment to use your products or services on offer.

Being able to see the access information for yourself also allows for improvements in the future. It can be overwhelming sometimes to meet every potential customers specific requirements and to know what needs to be put in place to make everyone feel welcome. That’s why having everything written down in one place is a great advantage as it allows yourself as a business to physically see where improvements need to be made. Being able to visually see your establishment after visiting allows customers to give more descriptive feedback on how they found the access. As well as putting your customers worries at ease when first visiting your business, having online access information can also put your staffs worries at ease. Your front of house staff are the first people that your customers interact with when visiting your business and are the people that first hear any enquires that customers may have. Therefore, online access information is a great tool to support them in being able to collect this information quickly.

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I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Applied Computing. During my studies the field that I had a great interest in was web development however since graduating I have also become very interested in accessibility. I was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and since the age of 3 I have used a wheelchair 24/7. Due to my disability I have always come across problems regarding accessibility, which is why it’s such a passion for me.

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