World Mental Health Day 2018 – The impact of not being accessible and inclusive

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For anyone suffering with mental health issues and particularly when also having additional accessibility requirements, a lack of transparent access information about destinations can only exacerbate the challenges already being faced and can lead to further isolation.

How do people know your venue is accessible and inclusive?

Providing the essential access information that people need to know to feel confident about visiting a location is so often overlooked when communicating and marketing to potential customers and visitors.

Image showing that 10 October is World Mental Health Day

OOVIRT can help businesses, destinations and venues be more inclusive and help provide their customers or visitors with the clear and transparent information needed. This can help everyone across society feel more confident about engaging with the services and support that can assist when suffering from a mental illness.

If you would like to be a more accessible and friendly destination and remove the barriers that can cause and impact on mental health, please get in touch to see how we could support your organisation.

Together we can universally design a better place for all to enjoy.

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