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Guest Case Study – Xplore Dundee

For this weeks guest case study we are interviewing Julianne Robertson, Communications Manager from Xplore Dundee.

Xplore Dundee offer training to mobility scooters and electric wheelchair users to allow them to be able to board their buses easily and safely.

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What is the background of the business?
Our services are vital to the local economy and infrastructure – we carry around a million people per month, travelling over 7.5 million kilometres a year. We connect the people of Dundee with their workplaces, schools, homes, hospital and leisure activities. We employ around 300 staff, with a fleet of approximately 120 buses and coaches.
What accessible information and facilities do you provide for your customers?
“All of Xplore Dundee’s drivers are trained in Customer Service skills, including accessibility awareness e.g. lowering the ramps to allow wheelchairs and mobility scooters to board, assisting those with limited mobility, communicating with people with additional support needs.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Mobility scooter and wheelchair training scheme – highly commended at the Scottish Transport Awards 2018, in the Category of ‘Accessibility Project of the Year’
  • We are signed up to RNIB Scotland’s Bus Charter, with drivers and managers participating in Swap With Me training
  • We have produced a Network Map which is endorsed by local deaf community”
What improvements have been made to services over recent years?
“The mobile scooter training initiative has been running for the past five years and in 2018 assisted its 30th person to achieve better access to public transport and increased independence. Our skilled team of Driver Training Instructors provides a bespoke training session for mobility scooter users at a time and place convenient to the customer. More recently, the training has been extended to patients receiving treatment at the TORT centre (Tayside Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Technology Centre) at Ninewells. Driving Instructors take a bus to the hospital and make it available for new electric wheelchair users to practice boarding and disembarking so that they’re more comfortable with using public transport.”
What has the feedback been like from the changes made to your service to improve accessibility?
“The feedback for our mobility scooter/electric wheelchair training is very positive. Judith, a recent recipient of the training, declared it ‘life changing’: ‘I can’t tell you what being able to take my wheelchair on a bus will mean to me. I’m 46yrs old and am desperate to get out and about. The fact that Xplore offers this service is genuinely life-changing for the likes of me and I can’t thank them enough. I’d like to let them know what a vital service this is for someone in my situation.’”
What promotions and special deals are available, is anything new in the pipeline?
“We expect to take delivery of 14 new smart hybrid buses later in the year, which will be low emission, helping to improve air quality in the city and hi-spec for the passenger. These ‘Emerald’ buses will offer extra leg room, free wifi, USB charging and next stop announcements, which benefit visitors to the city as well as customers with impaired vision.”

To view bus timetables, book tickets, keep up to date with all Xplore Dundee new and much more, then visit their website by following this link.

Don’t forget to follow Xplore Dundee on Facebook and Twitter(@XploreDundeeBus) to keep up to date on all events, news or offers throughout the year.

Thank you to Julianne Robertson, Communications Manager from Xplore Dundee for answering our questions and stay tuned for our next guest case study soon.

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